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Inspired by several influences, the 70s, the Chopper Read look is also reminiscent of the contrasting black and white 80s posters. I also took advantage of some notes left by a shooter, just to inspire me with the work left on the joints. I let myself go in the darkroom while having fun with the developer so that each print was unique, I let the print professionals try to find the ingredients for my special mixture. 9 unique prints 8x10 Ilford baryta paper, $150. 7 11x14 prints will eventually be available and 5 16x20 prints.


Camera: Rolleiflex. Film: Ilford Hp5. Paper: Ilford Cooltone Glazed Baryta. Dev. film: D-76. Paper developer: Homemade. Selenium: Rollei Selenia 10min.

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