The gallery

The art gallery is now open from monday to friday from 8am to noon and from 1pm to 5pm.

Don't hesitate to make an appointment to visit the gallery on the week-end or on the evenings.

553 Boul york ouest

Gaspé, G4X 2M5


What you can expect to find inside the gallery; limited editions of all formats, proofprints and postcards. Photography from here and abroad, documentary and archives, always in film. With this medium that is very dear to me, I try to make what "was" when I took the shot as much as possible. Our memory plays tricks on us, photography has that duty of memory, maybe that comes from my years as photojournalist. Of course, behind this duty, there is a photographic eye, a way to frame, preferences in format, etc. Without always being beautiful because man/nature is not always beautiful, photography marks the imaginary. Hopefully you'll be as fascinated by photography as I am after your visit.

Artist proofs corner

You can expect the random proof here, photos that won't make it to the limited status. These are prints that I make here and there to see the potential of the photo. These photographs, my personal opinion maybe, do not meet the criteria for being a special edition. There are a number of reasons why;. the negative lacks substance, the composition is weak, the eye leaks, too much shadow, too much high light, requires a cropping, film very slightly veiled, etc. That being said, these tests are already more interesting than a generic work bought in the megastore. I am very aware that some artists and galleries will not appreciate this approach. These are not tests of my limited edition work. Simply selling only my limited work would be against the gallery's mission; Educate and democratize the purchase of a work of art and to promote the eighth art. In the field of proofs, there are prints of all kinds, especially in 8x10 format, there are some 11x14, rare that I do 11x14 tests. A photographer told me before; if your picture is good an 8x10 is enough. I'm still listening to this photographer. The price varies between $25 and $60 depending on the size and paper used. These tests are only available in galleries. Thank you