Collection: -Summit of the Americas 2001-

The historical value appeared to me in the darkroom, it was the time of the "showdowns", these summits subsequently found places that were difficult to access to take place. The claims have remained the same despite losing media coverage. It's even difficult to remember the pre-Sept 11 era. There were several international demonstrators at the Quebec City summit ... "On a personal level, it was my first contract that would decide the next 10 years in photography."

A selection of 6 photographs were chosen for this keepsake box.
His photographs have been exhibited in Paris, Strasbourg, Montreal, Toronto and
Canmore. Mostly from scanned and printed in large
formats. This is the first time that they have been printed on fiber paper, 8x10. The box was made in Gaspé by Jean-François Bond, a woodworker.

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