Holding on

Holding on

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Throughout this whirlwind, algae clings to the reefs. This act of superhuman strength seems to take place in the greatest tranquility at the mercy of the tides. Even if the tides are not always gentle, they manage to hang on. Don't we do this with the movement of life, we adapt, we learn, but we all hang on to life. The opposite fills me with wordless sadness.


In this tourbillon there is only gray, a few flashes of white and a little black, but we can feel very well all the movement in front and in the background.

The prints are made on fiberbase Ilford paper. I used the bromophen to give a slightly warm tone to the prints. Each print is signed on the back and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The paper size is 11x11 inches and the image is 10x10. 

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