Cameras, lenses, films, papers, chemistry, etc.

Many photographers cherish their equipment, this is not my case. I have no attachment to a particular camera... I believe that the framing and the moment captured are enough to make a good photo (Assuming the negative is well exposed)... Nevertheless some devices remain, just stay.

As for the 35mm, now I only have a Rollei 35, which I love, because the lens is a 40mm among others. Maybe one day I'll let me try a Leica, who knows?

And then after the 35mm... The fun begins... The old cameras, the Holga, Blad, Bronica, Mamiya and cie...

And then photography is what... ...

Beyond the etymology of the word...

After mature reflection; it's just a reflection of ourselves.

When I started photography I was more fond of violent contrasts and saturated colors. Over time, I prefer softer colors and endless grey ranges.

That's why I opt for my Rolleiflex when it comes time to make color, I like the softness they make, some will say that rendered it is a matter of taste, well to you!

For the 60mm, I also use a Bronica, I do not like the case to be frank ... but Zenzanon lenses have a beautiful dive, black and white, 50mm, 80mm and 110mm.

For the room, I have a good old Arca Swiss with different Rodenstock lenses; 75mm and 210mm. I have a soft spot for Rodenstock, my enlargers also have Rodenstock.

The enlargers, Durst and only Durst! My black and white enlarger has a glass condenser while that color is a plexiglass.

Paper and chemistry are endless sources of research...

Movies... I don't care... well framed, well exposed no matter the film as much as to me! If I had to take a movie... HP5!