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Time is not only the essence of photography, time is simple and complicated at the same time.

From the moment we are born, we learn to deal with this stuff outside of ourselves, and it’s not easy.

Throughout life, our reality over time changes, life is slow when we are young and then there comes a time when we find things going extremely fast ... Time also brings us back to history, History that we quickly forget sometimes but one thing is for sure, nothing stands the test of time, even those big rocks basking in the sun swaying with the gentle tide will one day disappear...

I favored a sky that merges with the horizon, the movement of water which once again recalls a certain praise of time. A deep black in the foreground that echoes on the other side of the frame. A photo taken with a large format camera, there is a lot of detail and you can feel the movement of the water. The sun shinning gives a good contrast which opposes "Ephemeral".

The prints are made on fiberbase Ilford paper. I used the bromophen to give a slightly warm tone to the prints. Each print is signed on the back and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The paper size is 11x11 inches and the image is 10x10. 

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