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Mathieu L'Heureux Roy

Pierced Black

Pierced Black

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I wanted to take a picture of the Rock at the bottom of Cap Surprise for a long time. It's now done! I'm very happy with the result and since I couldn't decide which one to print in the darkroom, I printed both, black and white!

This is a black and white print, there is no toning, the paper used is Ilford classic mat fiber paper, treated with a silver stabilizing agent to ensure the durability of your work of art over time. . Format of the negative; 4x5, print size 16x20.

The bend draws will be made in 2022.

Limited edition of 9 prints

1#200$ 2#250$ 3#300$ 
4#400$ 5#500$ 6#600$ 
7#700$ 8#800$ 9#900$ 

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