Connexion / Ancrage, fomr the 11th of June to the 2nd of July, Vaste et Vague

Loss of naivety*

*def.: Statement that escapes through ignorance

Some time ago, I revisited Jacques Henri Lartigue's work Rivages. Strangely this time I was struck by the spontaneity, candor and lightness of these people who go to the beach where to walk on the banks.

J-H Lartigue - Rivages

(photos from the book Rivages, Jacques Henri Lartigue)

So I searched my negatives and took some photos, to illustrate that a century after Lartigue our relationship with the seaside has changed.

We are no longer going to meet the ocean for the same reasons. Looking for an anchor or a connection with nature in us!

We have lost some naivety over the last century. We have also lost some ignorance...

This naivety, this candour, this ignorance lost leaves room perhaps for more knowledge, more responsibility... And now a certain heaviness emanates from the photos.

In this place, at the meeting of the ocean, we can no longer move forward, we can walk on one side or the other, but inevitably we find ourselves faced with our choices(past, present and future), a lot to think of ...

Escape is impossible.

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