Why and how

I try here to explain a bit my approach in the darkroom, as far as black and white is concerned.

I simply say why I do the interventions that must be done in the darkroom. I will surely do another text on the methods to achieve this.

+80% Without this intervention the rock formation would not see its continuity under water. More than 80% and we could detect the burning effect, that's really no... for me.

+40% To give a bit of tone to the rear and get detail in the small piece of ice.

+30% To get more details in the rocky triangle.

+15% Closing, barely visible to the naked eye, I'm a fan of closing, without going into vignetting because once again for me I feel it burning... But the spectator's eye remains more captive to inside the picture.

-40% To get maximum detail in deep water, again, more than that, it's strange but the water becomes "soft". No, but we lose a nice contrast.

-20% In trees and rock formation to unclog blacks, give them more material.

It's really brief, but it gives you an idea of what is done in the dark with a photo.

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  • Salut Mathieu, superbe approche. Et comme ça donne le goût d’imprimer un portfolio noir et blanc!

    Marius Jomphe

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