Respect is on at the gallery all summer!

First of all, I would like to thank Nature Conservancy Canada for the protection and development of this very special place.

It's an interesting and fascinating place; its rock formations, fields, Paradise Point, etc. All those little places, make this place a must for anyone who loves nature. Several species of birds share the area, you can hear the sea wolves on


the flat island. Walking the trails, fields and small forests, it's easy to go back in time. First thinking about the order of the "Recollect", these monks who came from Spain in 1670 hence the origin of the name Pointe St-Pierre. Afterwards came the Jersiais, the Italians and all the others... and of course before all this there were the natives who occupied and lived on that territory.


We tend to see man and nature as two entities. These little walks in Pointe St-Pierre made me realize that we are too connected to be two entities, and as a proof when we intend to "protect nature" we do not understand to protect ourselves. Our relationship with time plays tricks on us, but the simple movement of the ocean should remind us that we are ephemeral.

It is with this in mind that I started this photographic series. The human presence is barely noticeable in some photos; a buoy, a trail, houses in the distance, etc. This time spent contemplating a landscape in constant motion instills in me respect for the past, respect for nature for ourselves.    



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