Appreciation of the Kodak Duaflex II (1950-1954)

This is not a scientific review, but rather my appreciation of the device which was one of the most popular of its time. This is a quick review on different aspects of the camera if you have any questions or comments feel free to do so.


-More than easy to use, the kind of camera you can lend to anyone during a party or gathering. It only has pose I; to take an instant photo (and put it on Instagram) and pose B.

-The brightest viewfinder on the market!

-Usually it's the kind of very very affordable device, from memory I think I paid mine 5$.

-Robust, more than a Holga.

Pros and cons;It all depends if you like the rendering of the Holga because it is very similar. The magnificent Kodet lens had to come from the same plastic mine as the Holga. A slight sharpness in the center and good natural vignetting.


-620 spools are hard to find and filing a 120 can be tough without the specific tools.

-You will have to do some tests, but according to the literature we are dealing with something like f/11 or f/15 at 1/60 of a second… I did a test with a 320iso, without sunlight it was perfect , I imagine it would pass even indoors with a 400 pushed half a stop at dev. For a sunny day undeniably a 100 iso.

-The trigger is free! If you like double exposures, this is your device.


Photographs taken using the Kodak Duaflex.


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