The abyss

The abyss

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Respect the unknown, there are a lot of little things alive in this picture. The cracks seem really small, but my fingers weren't able to reach the bottom and then I got scared...

I started to think about where under all those crevices would lead ... bigger caves, to mysterious creatures or nothing at all, the possibilities seemed endless.

I took out the tripod.

I wanted to integrate macro photography, because we are also in this nature, nothing would be present in the form we know it, if we had not shaped the territory for years. The only really deep blacks are those of the crevasse, all the details of the small seashells are present.

The prints are made on fiberbase Ilford paper. I used the bromophen to give a slightly warm tone to the prints. Each print is signed on the back and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The paper size is 11x11 inches and the image is 10x10. 

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