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Difference is what makes us better and it's obvious! Honestly I can't believe we still have this kind of conversation...

If we were to leave the most beautiful man and woman(and that is not being objective) by themselves on an island, would it be beautiful after a few generations...  Is there anything to add that I missed?

 So respecting the differences just makes us better period


I like this photo, a strong contrast, but the detail very present in this tree which strangely makes its way towards the little light available. The pikes, the trees behind which seems to want to imprison it, I really like it.


The prints are made on fiberbase Ilford paper. I used the bromophen to give a slightly warm tone to the prints. Each print is signed on the back and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The paper size is 11x11 inches and the image is 10x10.

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